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Program Cost

We have been providing quality service to hundreds of volunteers/interns in the most affordable cost in Nepal since 2006. Our fees and services are as below:

Program fee (in US dollar):

 1 week 

 2 week

 3 week

 4 week

 Extra Per week






This program fee is to be paid in full upon arrival in Nepal. 

 Application fee (one time): US $ 200

(This fee should be paid after you receive approval letter by the organisation, Internship Nepal)

Extra cost for Medical elective: 25 dollar per week

(This fee only for medical student )

(Payment should be done in Nepalese currency while you are in Nepal)

(No refund after you start project)

The cost includes:

  • Two way Kathmandu airport transfer
  • Accommodation with host family 
  • Three meals a day during program period
  • Culture orientation
  • Internship placements 
  • Guidance for research work
  • Nepali Language training (optional)




 Regular events:
Weekly interaction with exports in different subjects:
In this program, we invite journalist, scholar, researcher or other influential people of society every week. He/she briefs about presentation on his/her topic. Intern can have discussion and raise questions with the resource person which could be useful to enhance their knowledge about Nepal.

 Weekly documentary screening program:

In this program, we do screen documentary related to Nepali culture,  life style, festivals, traditions  etc which will be good input to know Nepali culture. Same time, it will help interns to find out issues for their project.

Weekly culture tours and Hiking program:
In this program, we visit cultural cities as well as short hiking in rural part of Kathmandu valley that will help intern to know the Nepali life style, culture etc.

Weekly meeting with interns:

In this meeting, interns and program coordinator review the progress in their projects and make new plan for next week.

Sports activities:

Internship Nepal encourages intern to take part in sports activities like football, Badminton etc. for refreshment and entertainment.

 Apart from the fees, other costs that are to be met by the interns/volunteers are: 

 1)  Flight costs
 2)  Visa (you can get Visa at Kathmandu airport.)
 Visa Facility Duration Fee
Multiple entry 15 days US$ 25 
Multiple entry 30 days US$ 40 
Multiple entry 90 days US$ 100 
 3) Immunizations
 4) Travel Insurance

Airport tax when you leave Kathmandu.